We've had the opportunity to work with Target on numerous internal projects, but when they approached us to make a promotional piece for Ad Week, we were beyond excited.  We got the chance to capture some footage that was used in a presentation by the CMO. 


We worked on an incredibly tight timeline, with the entire video from concept to final edit being completed in less than a week. Given the tight timeline, we filmed for half a day at Target's headquarters using their showroom. We brought out the big guns for the production, bringing in a truck of lighting and grip gear to create the most polished look we've all come to know as Target's look.


The video was effective in the presentation and was received very well at Ad Week. We're quite proud of the work we've done, and continue to get to do for Target.

You probably already know that 46% of B2B technology buyers will purchase a product or service after viewing a video.(Hubspot) And that companies that use video outpace their peers by 63% in yearly revenue growth.(Aberdeen Group)

That’s why you’re here. And it’s why we're here too.

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