Great Waters Financial: Who We Are


Great Waters Financial helps people reach their retirement dreams with confidence. They worked with us as they underwent a rebrand process, to help further their impact and solidify their vision. The video released in tandem with a new identity, new brand voice, and new website. They came to us because of our approach to the who we are video.


We opted for an authentic approach for the video. So we sat down with the key partners and employees. After several hours of interviews, we spent several days capturing B-Roll to give stunning visuals of their process, and further emphasize what it looks like to work with Great Waters Financial.

From there, we sifting through the interview to find the absolute best content to tell the story. After the approval of the frame for the story, we added in the B-Roll to effectively communicate what the subjects were sharing. After the edit was approved, we colored and created motion graphics titles that emphasized the new branding.


The result was an emotive and inspiring video that encapsulated the essence of Great Waters Financial and their drive to serve their customers.

You probably already know that 46% of B2B technology buyers will purchase a product or service after viewing a video.(Hubspot) And that companies that use video outpace their peers by 63% in yearly revenue growth.(Aberdeen Group)

That’s why you’re here. And it’s why we're here too.

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