Ditech approached us to design and animate a series of on-boarding videos. These videos would be used to acclimate new clients to Ditech, and how to navigate the website. We designed and animated five videos each one addressing topics that often resulted in phone calls asking for help. 


Working with the scripts they provided, we developed a look for each of the videos. After approval of the storyboards, we moved into animating the videos. We brought in a composer to make a song that we could use throughout the series to keep a cohesive feel.


The result was a series of captivating videos that seamlessly led customers to understand how to use their website and pay their bills online.

You probably already know that 46% of B2B technology buyers will purchase a product or service after viewing a video.(Hubspot) And that companies that use video outpace their peers by 63% in yearly revenue growth.(Aberdeen Group)

That’s why you’re here. And it’s why we're here too.

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