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August 8, 2016 - 18 comments

My Top Six Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Ah, the Super Bowl. The one event in which you don’t use the commercial break to load up on wings or use the bathroom because well, they’re often more entertaining than the game.

Honestly, this year didn’t stand out. Most of the commercials were a let down, but there were a few that stood above the rest that I’m especially excited about.

Here’s my top 6:

#6 Budlight

This one. Hilarious. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen absolutely nail it, and Anomaly out of New York knew exactly what they were doing. The writing is just flat out hysterical and the context of an election year is perfect. The independence day allusion is unbelieveable, and they nail their frat or former frat boy audience that wants to get their drink on but still have some kind of a body.

#5 T-Mobile

Millennials especially enjoy it when the fourth wall (even if it’s a hypothetical fourth wall) is used in a commercial. T-Mobile does it beautifully by using it to mock their competition, producing this piece with Publicis an agency in Seattle and with creative director Earl Wallace IV.

#4 Budweiser

Again, exceptional audience analysis on this piece by Anomaly in New York. The beauty of this ad is in the ability Budweiser has to isolate its target demographic; it isn’t about craft beer lovers. It’s about the normal guy, doing normal work, that makes the world run.

#3 Doritos

Humor is found in the unexpected. And Doritos shows just how to do it. The initial surprise of the baby reacting to the Dorito engages the audience early on and knocks it out of the park as the baby literally flies out of the mother.

#2 Heinz

What could be more interesting than dogs in costumes flocking to people in costumes? The geniuses at David, an agency in Miami, worked on this one. The classic music, the slow motion. It just fits perfectly. As they say, cute sells.

#1 Jeep

Simplicity is always best. Iris in New York managed to break all the rules while following a crucial one: it’s all about the eyes. The vast majority of the commercial is composed of portraits staring straight into the camera. There’s just something about eyes that bring about connection. This, along with the beautifully written VO, makes you laugh and cry all within 60 seconds.

I hope you all enjoyed these commercials as much as I did. What were some of your favorites from this year’s Super Bowl?

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November 25, 2015 - 14 comments

15-Second Story | Joseph Paulson

Developer, tinkerer, friend. Joseph is constantly pushing himself. From his career as a web developer, to his passions, he constantly strives for perfection. Here's what he's been learning lately.

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October 18, 2015 - 32 comments

15-Second Story | Molly Kate Kestner

Singer, Musician, Friend. Molly constantly strives to grow and develop as her music career takes flight. Her joy and excitement about life is infectious. We had the chance to hear what she's been dwelling on lately.

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August 30, 2015 - 522 comments

15-Second Story | Josiah Knowlen

Financial advisor, philosopher, friend. Josiah constantly pushes himself, seeking to grow and help others.

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August 20, 2015 - 10 comments

15-Second Story | Jonathan Gates

Leader, Pastor, Friend. Jonathan cares deeply for others, accepting people for who they are. Yet, he has wrestled with accepting who he is. We had the honor to hear about what he's been wrestling through.

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August 12, 2015 - 47 comments

Why your video falls flat, 5 ways to make it more authentic.

Do you strive to create authentic videos that really resonate with your audience? Many marketers do, which is why “authentic” may be one of the biggest buzzwords around. Even if that's your goal, do you know how to quantify what "authentic" is, or is it just subjective?

That's why I wrote this. To give you 5 actionable steps you can take that will make your videos more authentic, and in the end, engage your audience.

1. Ditch the talking head
It’s good to introduce your speaker (preferably with their title), to show who’s talking. But people rarely connect with an interview. Instead, cover your interview footage with B-roll. Grab footage from the subject going about their day or relevant to what they’re talking about. People engage at a deeper level when you show the subject in their natural state, rather than perfectly staged the entire time. It brings about a level of reality to who they are and what they’re talking about.

2. Dont be scared of conflict
Too often companies attempt to showcase their product or service perfectly... to have perfectly scripted content. This backfires in a couple ways:

First, conflict is the basis of all story. People don’t engage with a story when it’s devoid of conflict. If you begin your video with the content completely resolved and wrapped with a pretty little bow on top, you'll hand your nicely parceled product to a sleeping audience. That’s why it’s vital to determine what’s the primary conflict of your company. Some might refer to this as your “why.”

Second, people don’t relate to perfect. Despite everyone wanting to be seen as perfect, no one wants to be around perfect people. Just like people don’t want to be around perfect companies. Especially millennials. So it’s important to understand the heart of the company, and the story you want to communicate to the world.

3. Be imperfect onscreen
It’s important to be prepared. Yes. We believe that. But so often we find that onscreen talent feels the need to be perfect. They’re either over-prepared and it sounds rehearsed, or they want to sound perfect and get stressed out when it doesn't come out polished. This often results in the subject falling apart. Remember, perfection can generate audience mistrust. It’s your goal to make sure the talent is conversational and relaxed.

4. Handheld is your friend
Sometimes having smooth, stable B-roll will actually make your video feel too polished. This can, in some situations take away from the authenticity of the story you’re telling. We like to use handheld cameras because it helps push the audience into the moment. It takes away a barrier and creates more visual intensity. This look can be very powerful if it is used intentionally, especially when juxtaposed with the smoothness of a dolly or locked off shot.

5. Pay attention to color
The "fade" is a specific look that has become quite popular for both photography and videography. This look did not come out of a vacuum but out of a culture that strives for the authentic. The technical components of this look go against some more traditional trends of coloring and editing because it highlights aspects of the image that doesn't necessarily look as "pretty" but gives a realism to the shot that connects with the audience.

It’s important to recognize that color plays a huge role in how people respond to visuals. That’s why it’s vital to color grade your video to fit the tone and emotion you’re trying to evoke. Like this still from our production for TEDxMinnepolis below. 
There you have it. The key 5 techniques we use to create authentic videos.  I’d love to hear what other methods you use. Leave a comment below and let me know!

August 11, 2015 - 12 comments

15-Second Story | Perry Smith

Photographer, giver, friend. Perry constantly seeks to pursue his dreams of photography and give back along the way through his non-profit One Month to Give. We were able to hear a bit of his favorite advice.

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August 4, 2015 - 132 comments

The 3 Non-Negotiable Aspects of a Story

Storytelling is the primary way in which we relate. To people. To brands. To products. But with stories being so integrated into our culture, why is it so easy to create a “story” that falls short, one that doesn’t connect with others?

I find that today there’s so many people today talking about story. Whether it’s a personal story, a brand story, or a corporate story. I think one of the key reasons that stories fall short is that they’re missing one of these three key aspects to a story. Here are three things necessary for an emotionally engaging story:

1. There needs to be a subject.
There needs to be a central character for emotional connection. This isn’t the montage video showing the company hard at work in all aspects with multiple interviews. This is one individual, sharing her heart for the company, her vision and hope, and ultimately how this company is changing the world.

2. There needs to be tension.
Too often we attempt to sugarcoat the challenges. When in reality we always root for the underdog. The one that needs to overcome. A story requires a challenge. Even if that challenge is something as common inefficiency.

3. There needs to be resolution.
It’s vital to establish a solution and resolution to the story. How did the persons desires and goals get achieved? How was the challenge overcome? Resolution doesn’t have to be a perfectly wrapped ending. It can still have unknowns and excitement, but it needs to bring about progress.

If you work to incorporate all of these elements in the next story you tell, you’ll find a significant increase in engagement and retention.

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August 4, 2015 - 38 comments

15-Second Story | Jonathan Vinson

We're excited to announce that Jonathan Vinson is joining our team as a creative editor. Here's a bit about what's been on his mind lately.

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December 8, 2013 - 10 comments

Psychology of Personal Connection

“It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.” – Albert Einstein

It has been integrated into our human nature to tell stories. From the first cave drawing, to the Jewish oral tradition, to novels, to films, and to commercials, storytelling is a timeless link to ancient traditions. It is our most basic form of communication – our most natural form of connecting.

Through story we share our sadness and our joy. Our dreams and our failures. Our insecurities and our pride. It is a way to convey purpose and value. Like Einstein, we all crave community. Not many of us fall into the category of being known universally, but we all long for meaningful companionship.

Studies have shown that being connected is linked with longevity and overall health. And a lack of connection is a greater health risk than obesity, smoking, or high cholesterol! Studies have shown that those who feel connected are more empathetic, confidant, and as a result, people are more willing to be open and trusting with them.

The psychology of story is so interesting to us because it is hardwired into humanity. It is how we interpret meaning, how we relate to others, and how we empathize. Story is how we connect.

Why do you think the greatest leaders of history relied on storytelling? Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream.” Jesus’ “prodigal son.” Or even Charlie Chaplan’s “The Great Dictator.”

“When we tell and listen to stories, we move… to the more emotional centers of the heart and gut. It’s how we engage with our close friends and family, using a conversational, less formal tone. It’s a bit more close to being vulnerable, but also more human.”

To tell story is to connect. To tell story is to be human. What is your story?

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