Sunrise Banks: Olive


This is a short fun video that Sunrise Banks wanted made for their marketing strategies and their website as well. It's centered around the fun pun joke, using the word "olive" in place of "all of".


Once again, as with all of our animation projects, we turned to Tyssul Patel to handle this project. He did a very great job incorporating the Olive into the video, transitioning from all the different types of things that anyone can go into business doing.


This animation turned out very well, keeping it short, simple and fun for the viewer, the customers and clients of Sunrise Banks.

You probably already know that 46% of B2B technology buyers will purchase a product or service after viewing a video.(Hubspot) And that companies that use video outpace their peers by 63% in yearly revenue growth.(Aberdeen Group)

That’s why you’re here. And it’s why we're here too.

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