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Validating Video for Company Growth



My name is Tyler Weber, and I have recently come onto the crew at Moving Edge Media to contribute to the blog as well as a few of other small contributions to the communications and content. I am a professional communicator and marketer, Bethel University Alum, tattoo enthusiast, and volleyball trier. If you have any desire to get to know me, feel free to follow me on Twitter or connect with me on Linkedin. I wanted to provide a brief introduction, so now that we have that out of the way, we can get to the reason that we are all here.

I'm going to come right out and say it: The utilization of video is going to make or break your company's ability to stay ahead of your competition when it comes to digital communication and marketing. If you're not utilizing video now, than you should start. Just take a look at the new Google Hangouts site. They have video production elements all over the home page! I know, I know, those are your typical videos that you can play and pause, but it is a great example of someone who is utilizing video in a new way to stay ahead.

When you have a video that is an accurate portrayal of your company, you will stand out. It is much easier to impress people with a video. A video allows for the greatest level of communication that one can possibly execute. Think about it, your options are: 1) Attempting to communicate everything using words, 2) use images like pictures and infographics to convey your message 3) use a combination of words and images, or 4) a video that allows your viewer to hear your voice, see your face, as well as experience your passion and excitement for what you do.

Video provides greater opportunity to send your message than any other form you can use. In fact

  1. Videos Increase People’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74%
  2. 50% Of Users Watch Business Related Videos On YouTube Once A Week
  3. 75% Of Users Visit The Marketer’s Website After Viewing A Video
    (thanks, for the stats)

Visual - With video, you can communicate a message in a controlled and accurate way in 3 minutes, instead of hours. Don't believe me? Watch this video about the iPad Air and tell me that you could communicate the same message just as effectively in the same amount of time without video. Video allows for your audience to see both your face and your passion for what you do.

Complete Communication (or as complete as possible) - In regards to your website, you are limited with the types of messaging you can conduct.  You can't sit face to face with every single visitor to your site addressing their questions and allowing them to experience all that you have to offer by letting you tell them. You have 4 primary means of conveying your message to your audience:
1) Simple words - You can rely on your carefully crafted words to convey your message.
2) Images - You can utilize images and infographics to portray who you are and what you do.
3) Combination - Using both images and words seems to be much better than simply relying on one or the other.
4) Video - You can use a controlled sequence of images and words to convey your message to your audience in the exact way that you want. They hear your voice.

Video is the Future - More and more of the Internet is focused on video. Going back to the Google Hangout example, video is being utilized in unconventional and unique ways in order to liven up websites. According to Cisco, a majority of the Internet traffic in 2015 will be video traffic. Messaging will continue to gravitate toward video messaging.

Do you know which search engine is used more than any other? Yes, you are correct! It is Google. But do you know what the second most popular search engine is? YouTube, and hours of video are being uploaded every minute!

Text<Images<Video - We are naturally attracted to images, and even more attracted to videos.

eyetracking-serps-3 (1)

Research shows that our eyes will more often land on images than they will on simple text, and we will be even more so attracted to videos than static images. For businesses wanting to attract traffic, having your website show up in search results with an applicable video can set you apart.


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