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Det är några av frågorna du hittar svaren på i denna artikel. Här på sajten hittar du information om allt som är bra för oss och det bästa med detta pinsamma besvär.

One of the key things we value as a company is to constantly be pushing ourselves in our craft. So we were bouncing around some passion project ideas and we landed on the idea to collaborate with a poet. After reaching out to a local poet, Anthony Tei Mutua, we asked him if he could write a poem specifically for us. And he did.

After nailing down the poem, we ideated to find the specific emotions that we wanted to drive this piece. We used these keywords to then help us select a shot list that would guide us on our one and a half days of production that took us all over Minneapolis and Taylors Falls.

In post, we edited and pulled in our VO artist and coloring to push this piece to its absolute best. We also were very intentional with the sound effects we brought in to tie very specific emotions to the location of the shot.

The result, is this enthralling short video that takes you on a sonic and visual journey of a poem.

Production Company: Moving Edge Media
Producer: Ryan Gates
Director: Jonathan Vinson
Director of Photography: Ryan Gates
Editor: Jonathan Vinson
Sound Mixing: John-Paul Natysin
Music: Fear Not by Ryan Talbert

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