January 14, 2013 - 6 comments

Hi There.

Welcome to our newfound blog. We're excited to be sharing what we're up to as well as various things we're learning and discovering as we refine our craft of story telling.

Much of what we'll be sharing here is the philosophy behind story, what makes a story impactful, effective and beneficial for a company. Additionally, we'll be sharing inspiration we've encountered as well as our own work. Also, we hope to share real-world examples in which a client was able to benefit from the video created to tell their story. We will be posting a weekly blog post talking about something we listed above.

At Moving Edge Media, we're passionate about telling your story the best we possibly can through the medium of film and video. We're based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and feature an award-winning full-service video-production team. We're excited and passionate about creating the best piece and we desire to create excellence in whatever we do.

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