October 28, 2013 - 3 comments

Video Marketing Part 1

Can you market your brand, company, or product in 30 seconds? How about 15? Or 6? Is video length a big deal?

With Vine hitting 40 million users late August, it’s difficult to make a case against the relevance of ultra succinct videos. But why are they so popular? Does video length play a role in potency?

The numbers suggest that it does. The video-viewing experience is drastically different than the traditional longer-form. The time cap on Instagram video and Vine forces its users to be ingenuitive.

Orson Welles said, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.”

Bored teenagers aren’t the only ones using these apps. Many businesses recognized the evolution and adapted quickly.

Target came up with a creative marketing idea using stop motion.


Some businesses engage their audience in a conversation.


Instagram video gives a little more leeway with a 15-second time cap. Forever 21 launched a new social platform where people can have an interactive fashion experience, and are invited to share photos/videos of their outfits. This video helped introduce the campaign.


Many users are on the go, watching a couple videos while in line at Starbucks for their morning latte. They want short. Many phones with slower connections have difficulty loading a 30-second clip. A Vine or Instagram video is much easier for slow Internet and short attention spans.

These social media platforms are simply tools to support a broader marketing campaign. Marketing should always evolve with new media and their target audience.


Published by: Ryan Gates in Marketing, Storytelling