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My Top Six Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Ah, the Super Bowl. The one event in which you don’t use the commercial break to load up on wings or use the bathroom because well, they’re often more entertaining than the game.

Honestly, this year didn’t stand out. Most of the commercials were a let down, but there were a few that stood above the rest that I’m especially excited about.

Here’s my top 6:

#6 Budlight

This one. Hilarious. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen absolutely nail it, and Anomaly out of New York knew exactly what they were doing. The writing is just flat out hysterical and the context of an election year is perfect. The independence day allusion is unbelieveable, and they nail their frat or former frat boy audience that wants to get their drink on but still have some kind of a body.

#5 T-Mobile

Millennials especially enjoy it when the fourth wall (even if it’s a hypothetical fourth wall) is used in a commercial. T-Mobile does it beautifully by using it to mock their competition, producing this piece with Publicis an agency in Seattle and with creative director Earl Wallace IV.

#4 Budweiser

Again, exceptional audience analysis on this piece by Anomaly in New York. The beauty of this ad is in the ability Budweiser has to isolate its target demographic; it isn’t about craft beer lovers. It’s about the normal guy, doing normal work, that makes the world run.

#3 Doritos

Humor is found in the unexpected. And Doritos shows just how to do it. The initial surprise of the baby reacting to the Dorito engages the audience early on and knocks it out of the park as the baby literally flies out of the mother.

#2 Heinz

What could be more interesting than dogs in costumes flocking to people in costumes? The geniuses at David, an agency in Miami, worked on this one. The classic music, the slow motion. It just fits perfectly. As they say, cute sells.

#1 Jeep

Simplicity is always best. Iris in New York managed to break all the rules while following a crucial one: it’s all about the eyes. The vast majority of the commercial is composed of portraits staring straight into the camera. There’s just something about eyes that bring about connection. This, along with the beautifully written VO, makes you laugh and cry all within 60 seconds.

I hope you all enjoyed these commercials as much as I did. What were some of your favorites from this year’s Super Bowl?

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