June 15, 2014 - 4 comments

Why You Should Think About Video | Part 1

When considering the step of implementing video production into your content creation to any degree, a company might get excited at first, but after the enthusiasm wears off and there are a lot of questions that can come up:
"What kind of video should we create?"
"What would be best for us?"
"What do we need?"
"How are we going to use the video?"
"How many videos should we do?"

These are important questions to ask, and in this article, I want to start helping you answer them.


Deciding what type of video will be the best fit for you might be the most important question to answer. Not all videos are the same. Different videos have different purposes and varying objectives. Some try and build validity, others are more sales focused, and other videos focus on educating. These are just a few of the objectives that a video can have, and within the objective is the type that is used to achieve this.

Professional HD video camera in studioProduct Vides - These are videos that are attempting to achieve a specific goal of converting a viewer into a customer by showing off a particular product. These videos can be made in house, providing you have the right equipment (camera, lights, microphone, editing capabilities, etc.) or they can be outsourced to folks like us. Either way, product videos can be made. An important thing to remember with product videos is to be sure to host them on your own website instead of hosting them on other video sites like youtube or vimeo, and then embedding them onto your site. This way, search results will direct traffic to your site where you can provide smooth call to action steps, leading to an increase in potential conversions.

Tutorials & How-To Videos - These videos are fairly straight forward. You are giving instructions on how to do something that is related to your business. The primary purpose of these videos is to build your brand through educating your audience and NOT selling. There is a time and place for all things, and tutorial videos are not the time or place for your viewers to feel like they are being sold to.

Video News Release - These videos are sent out along side your conventional press release and the major benefit of video news releases is that your release becomes much more attractive to media outlets. These are also videos that can be created in house at relatively low cost since they are simply sharing information. There is not an extraordinary amount of production or extra fluff, but they are scripted announcements that you can release.

Creative Stories - This is where making the choice to bring on a production company will really provide much more value than if you were to attempt to create these creative stories in-house. These videos are the kind that have opportunities to go viral and be uploaded onto sites like youtube and vimeo in order to bolster awareness and branding of your company.

Content Ads - These are the types of ads that you see at the beginning of youtube videos, or during hulu commercials. These content ads are high quality, brand focused opportunities for you to show your company to a broad audience.

No Video Budget? There are still options for those companies that do not currently have any budget to create videos, or purchase equipment to create the videos in house.

With the growing popularity of short Social Videos like Vine and Instagram Video, all you need is some creativity and a smart phone to start creating video content. These videos should be driven by thought and intention, while showing off the personality of your company. So, even if you have a tight budget your company can start taking steps toward video integration. Give it a try, and see what results you see!

Published by: Ryan Gates in Marketing