December 5, 2013 - 6 comments

The Right Price for Your Story

As soon as Thanksgiving passes, everyone is focused on the upcoming holidays. However, some corporations are looking a little further ahead.

Slots for the upcoming Super Bowl on February 2nd just filled up at a reasonable $4 million per :30. Yes, that figure represents 30 seconds. If you’re a latecomer but you still desperately want to get your commercial in there, then you’ll pay a meager $4.5 million per :30. There are still plenty of open slots for pre- and post-game advertising.

It’s up $.2 million from last year.

Neil Mulcahy, evp of Fox Sports ad sales (has one of the most envied jobs in television with an income of approximately $8 million a day) said to expect a few longer-form ads this year with a couple 90- and 120-second commercials.  We all remember the incredible Dodge Ram “Farmer” spot from last year. In case you’ve forgotten: please enjoy.

Neil said, “I think the autos totally have it figured out. They can measure the immediate impact they can get from their sales figures…and the return on investment is three times what they pay [for airtime].”

If you had to pay $133,000+ per second for an ad, you’re forced to consider the necessity of every moment to convey your story.

Considering the season, we don’t want to leave you without some holiday advertising.

Looks like a good use of a TV slot, right?

Published by: Ryan Gates in Marketing