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March 10, 2016 - 2 comments

Best in Class of Who We are Videos

Who we are videos are a vital first step in any company’s customer journey and is often a visitor's first impression of the website and of the company. Here’s my top five who we are videos:

#5 Lockheed Martin

It must be stated that Lockheed Martin has a distinct advantage as they create cutting edge technology for the most advanced military in the world. They have some of the most impressive products to show off. But they take this video past the unbelievable products they create. They also show the future possibilities of product use in everyday life. One aspect that I found especially compelling with this piece was the lack of stock footage. Lockheed Martin clearly put forth considerable effort to have all original footage in their piece as well as some incredible special effects to have a very cohesive look.

#4 Verily

One of my favorite aspects of this piece is its use of stop motion, something not as commonly used in these videos. This combined with some fantastic transitions makes for a visually compelling piece. Their overall story of seeking to discover personal, human illnesses before they happen is an emotively compelling one as well. They also did some intriguing extreme close up angles for the interviews with a tilt shift look (probably added in post) that gave the interviews an intimate and engaging emotional baseline.

#3 Huge

Huge: About Us from Huge on Vimeo.

This one is just flat out clever. Highlighting culture over specific services, Huge uses this video to highlight the fun and engaging DNA that Huge has. Just watching it you makes you feel completely at home with the company.

They accomplished this with a stellar combination of ambient audio and sometimes rough footage that gave a very raw feel to the video. They also chose a color grade that did little to doctor the image, giving it a more authentic vibe. In addition, they had fantastic dynamics of energy by starting without the music in the beginning and cutting it out completely in the middle.

#2 IBM

If you watch enough corporate videos, you can come to expect a certain kind of soundtrack: a minimally popy electronic and ambient sound. IBM completely switched it up by throwing in an oldie. Also they did some class act work by creating some simple animation to put their text in context. The biggest success of this piece is its dedication to a particular story: that IBM helps prevent tragedies before they happen.

#1 Intel

This one is my favorite. It’s not just because of the stellar set design and creative use of their products--which is, in fact, amazing. The editing job on this piece is impressive, and they leverage their theme song in innovative ways.

The best part of this video has to do with a specific and brilliant creative choice. Intel as a computer processing company has a product that could EASILY bore its audience. So instead of just focusing on the specifics of the technology or even what it can do, they focused on how the technology interacts with the human experience. Consistently, there are priceless reactions to applications of Intel’s product. Bravo Intel. Bravo.

I hope you enjoyed these pieces as much as I have and learned a few lessons in crafting your own who we are video in the future. What are some of your favorite who we are videos? Comment and let us know below.

March 3, 2016 - 4 comments

A Lesson in Marketing from Budweiser

If you haven’t noticed, Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads this year and last have been drastically different from years prior, especially their 2014 spot Puppy Love:

Why? Let’s just say that their sales fell after this ad. When I told my wife this she said, “But that’s my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever!”

I replied, “I know, but are you their target audience?”

“No” she said.


In other words, with the puppy spot, Budweiser made an incredibly popular commercial--popular among the wrong crowd, and their decrease in sales reflected it.

So Budweiser learned from their mistakes and honed in on their audience: mainly Gen Y and older blue collar males. Focusing on this demographic in 2015, they took a few shots at craft breweries with their spot “Brewed the Hard Way”:

They nailed it. Sales went up. It’s no surprise that despite harsh criticism from numerous hipster Millenials, they doubled down with their 2016 spot “Not Backing Down,” because those hipsters weren’t buying Budweiser anyways.

So what invaluable marketing lesson can we glean from this? Having a popular advertisement means absolutely nothing. But having an advertisement that motivates your target audience, that my friends, means everything.

November 20, 2014 - 2 comments

A story that changed me… and why telling yours matters.

During my senior year in college, I was assigned a project to produce a mid-length documentary. Little did I know that project would leave a profound impact on me.
Or rather Chuck Holsinger’s story did.
Chuck Holsinger, now in his 90s, describes the road to forgiveness he traveled as a World War II veteran seeking to rationalize the travesties he witnessed. His courage to confront the inner enemies of hatred was as strong as those he exhibited on the battlefield 70 years ago. And the transformation he experienced left an indelible mark on his small Indiana community, and on me.
While that film (watch it below) went on to win numerous awards, the most rewarding outcome for me was meeting Chuck Holsinger and discovering how important it is to tell stories of transformation. Had I not been given that assignment, I might have not learned what I did.
That’s one of the reasons why Moving Edge Media is focusing on producing biographical films. These are two to three minute documentaries, told in narrative form, that conveys the life of an employee or customer that others can identify with—and take action to engage with your company.
If you’re looking for a fresh way to tell your story, consider the following benefits of creating a biographical film for your company:
  • Biographical films help to de-emphasize transactions,and enhances relationships. They help you show that you’re about creating value and helping people.
  • They build and increase employee and customer loyalty.
  • They resonate strongly with prospective customers, as people like doing business with people.
  • The vulnerability and openness of a biographical video creates empathy and identification which increases trust in your brand and company.
  • Highlights specific aspects of your company or brand that you want to showcase in an authentic unscripted manner.
Thankfully, our production quality has grown significantly since we interviewed Chuck Holsinger. But if you’d like to meet the man that inspired me, you can watch Amend (14 minutes) below.

September 23, 2014 - 2 comments

Help Wanted. It’s not what you think.

No. That headline’s not for a recruiting ad.

We're looking for a different kind of help—and confident you may know someone who fits the bill.

Over the next few months, the Moving Edge Media gang will be producing a series of videos depicting how business leaders have turned adversity into innovation and the inspiration to grow their business. We hope our series of five Moving Edge Moments will inspire other business leaders to seize upon their creative genius to transform their businesses into truly remarkable enterprises.

Production is already underway to showcase two executives who aren’t afraid to share their challenges and the way those challenges have transformed their thinking, their leadership and their companies.

But we need three more.

Would you take a moment and thoughtfully consider if an entrepreneur, business owner, or senior executive that you know might be a good candidate to showcase in our series? We’re looking for people you respect because of the way they’ve dug deep to overcome a set-back and who are not afraid to talk about it. It’s our hope that by telling their stories others will be inspired to do the same.

May 12, 2014 - 3 comments

Validating Video for Company Growth



My name is Tyler Weber, and I have recently come onto the crew at Moving Edge Media to contribute to the blog as well as a few of other small contributions to the communications and content. I am a professional communicator and marketer, Bethel University Alum, tattoo enthusiast, and volleyball trier. Read more

November 14, 2013 - 3 comments

Ad spotlight: LEGO

It’s already Christmas… well, not quite, but Christmas advertising is starting! Can you smell the spiked eggnog already?

LEGO set the bar high for advertising this holiday season. They branded themselves beyond building blocks: the opportunity to bond with your child. Through fantastical lands where knights can fly if it’s more convenient, there’s a slow motion replay for every cool move, or engineering tottering towers built to the atop kitchen chairs… it is all done together.

We love to see great pieces like this and hope to see more throughout the Christmas season.

January 14, 2013 - 6 comments

Hi There.

Welcome to our newfound blog. We're excited to be sharing what we're up to as well as various things we're learning and discovering as we refine our craft of story telling.

Much of what we'll be sharing here is the philosophy behind story, what makes a story impactful, effective and beneficial for a company. Additionally, we'll be sharing inspiration we've encountered as well as our own work. Also, we hope to share real-world examples in which a client was able to benefit from the video created to tell their story. We will be posting a weekly blog post talking about something we listed above.

At Moving Edge Media, we're passionate about telling your story the best we possibly can through the medium of film and video. We're based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and feature an award-winning full-service video-production team. We're excited and passionate about creating the best piece and we desire to create excellence in whatever we do.