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Best in Class of Who We are Videos

Who we are videos are a vital first step in any company’s customer journey and is often a visitor's first impression of the website and of the company. Here’s my top five who we are videos:

#5 Lockheed Martin

It must be stated that Lockheed Martin has a distinct advantage as they create cutting edge technology for the most advanced military in the world. They have some of the most impressive products to show off. But they take this video past the unbelievable products they create. They also show the future possibilities of product use in everyday life. One aspect that I found especially compelling with this piece was the lack of stock footage. Lockheed Martin clearly put forth considerable effort to have all original footage in their piece as well as some incredible special effects to have a very cohesive look.

#4 Verily

One of my favorite aspects of this piece is its use of stop motion, something not as commonly used in these videos. This combined with some fantastic transitions makes for a visually compelling piece. Their overall story of seeking to discover personal, human illnesses before they happen is an emotively compelling one as well. They also did some intriguing extreme close up angles for the interviews with a tilt shift look (probably added in post) that gave the interviews an intimate and engaging emotional baseline.

#3 Huge

Huge: About Us from Huge on Vimeo.

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This one is just flat out clever. Highlighting culture over specific services, Huge uses this video to highlight the fun and engaging DNA that Huge has. Just watching it you makes you feel completely at home with the company.

They accomplished this with a stellar combination of ambient audio and sometimes rough footage that gave a very raw feel to the video. They also chose a color grade that did little to doctor the image, giving it a more authentic vibe. In addition, they had fantastic dynamics of energy by starting without the music in the beginning and cutting it out completely in the middle.

#2 IBM

If you watch enough corporate videos, you can come to expect a certain kind of soundtrack: a minimally popy electronic and ambient sound. IBM completely switched it up by throwing in an oldie. Also they did some class act work by creating some simple animation to put their text in context. The biggest success of this piece is its dedication to a particular story: that IBM helps prevent tragedies before they happen.

#1 Intel

This one is my favorite. It’s not just because of the stellar set design and creative use of their products--which is, in fact, amazing. The editing job on this piece is impressive, and they leverage their theme song in innovative ways.

The best part of this video has to do with a specific and brilliant creative choice. Intel as a computer processing company has a product that could EASILY bore its audience. So instead of just focusing on the specifics of the technology or even what it can do, they focused on how the technology interacts with the human experience. Consistently, there are priceless reactions to applications of Intel’s product. Bravo Intel. Bravo.

I hope you enjoyed these pieces as much as I have and learned a few lessons in crafting your own who we are video in the future. What are some of your favorite who we are videos? Comment and let us know below.

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We enjoy pushing ourselves in the creativity of our craft, so we work to produce a new passion project once a quarter. This project was incredibly fun, pushing ourselves in every aspect.

We approached local poet Matt Bruch-Andersen to collaborate. After immersing ourselves in the poem he wrote, we determined the mood and aesthetic we wanted for the project. The result was a trip to Colorado traveling all throughout the Rocky Mountains. We shot over a 4-day period.




The result was this exhilarating piece of creativity that told a story in tandem with the film and the poem.

August 8, 2016 - 62 comments

My Top Six Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Ah, the Super Bowl. The one event in which you don’t use the commercial break to load up on wings or use the bathroom because well, they’re often more entertaining than the game.

Honestly, this year didn’t stand out. Most of the commercials were a let down, but there were a few that stood above the rest that I’m especially excited about.

Here’s my top 6:

#6 Budlight

This one. Hilarious. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen absolutely nail it, and Anomaly out of New York knew exactly what they were doing. The writing is just flat out hysterical and the context of an election year is perfect. The independence day allusion is unbelieveable, and they nail their frat or former frat boy audience that wants to get their drink on but still have some kind of a body.

#5 T-Mobile

Millennials especially enjoy it when the fourth wall (even if it’s a hypothetical fourth wall) is used in a commercial. T-Mobile does it beautifully by using it to mock their competition, producing this piece with Publicis an agency in Seattle and with creative director Earl Wallace IV.

#4 Budweiser

Again, exceptional audience analysis on this piece by Anomaly in New York. The beauty of this ad is in the ability Budweiser has to isolate its target demographic; it isn’t about craft beer lovers. It’s about the normal guy, doing normal work, that makes the world run.

#3 Doritos

Humor is found in the unexpected. And Doritos shows just how to do it. The initial surprise of the baby reacting to the Dorito engages the audience early on and knocks it out of the park as the baby literally flies out of the mother.

#2 Heinz

What could be more interesting than dogs in costumes flocking to people in costumes? The geniuses at David, an agency in Miami, worked on this one. The classic music, the slow motion. It just fits perfectly. As they say, cute sells.

#1 Jeep

Simplicity is always best. Iris in New York managed to break all the rules while following a crucial one: it’s all about the eyes. The vast majority of the commercial is composed of portraits staring straight into the camera. There’s just something about eyes that bring about connection. This, along with the beautifully written VO, makes you laugh and cry all within 60 seconds.

I hope you all enjoyed these commercials as much as I did. What were some of your favorites from this year’s Super Bowl?

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A Lesson in Marketing from Budweiser

If you haven’t noticed, Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads this year and last have been drastically different from years prior, especially their 2014 spot Puppy Love:

Why? Let’s just say that their sales fell after this ad. When I told my wife this she said, “But that’s my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever!”

I replied, “I know, but are you their target audience?”

“No” she said.


In other words, with the puppy spot, Budweiser made an incredibly popular commercial--popular among the wrong crowd, and their decrease in sales reflected it.

So Budweiser learned from their mistakes and honed in on their audience: mainly Gen Y and older blue collar males. Focusing on this demographic in 2015, they took a few shots at craft breweries with their spot “Brewed the Hard Way”:

They nailed it. Sales went up. It’s no surprise that despite harsh criticism from numerous hipster Millenials, they doubled down with their 2016 spot “Not Backing Down,” because those hipsters weren’t buying Budweiser anyways.

So what invaluable marketing lesson can we glean from this? Having a popular advertisement means absolutely nothing. But having an advertisement that motivates your target audience, that my friends, means everything.

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November 28, 2015 - 52 comments

Storyworks1 Commercial



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We were approached by Storyworks1 to create a piece that effortlessly communicated their new company name as well as a new platform release. They needed a piece that clearly communicated both of these developments in one video.


From the beginning we worked hand-in-hand with Storyworks1 to strategically develop a video that would best explain who they were and the specific applications of their product. From there we crafted a story that would be told through a series of interviews that revealed the heart of Storyworks1 as well the effectiveness of its product’s use. We shot for 2 days in 4 locations to create the beautiful aesthetic that the client desired, using plenty of natural light to create an authentic feel.
storyworks 1

In the postproduction process, we carefully curated the best clips to effectively tell the story:
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.57.12 PM

We also color graded the piece to have the exact tone and feel that the client requested:
Storyworks 1 coloring

In the end, the client was incredibly pleased. The final product is a beautiful video that explained who Storyworks1 is to its target audience: Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.52.16 PM

November 25, 2015 - 52 comments

15-Second Story | Joseph Paulson

Developer, tinkerer, friend. Joseph is constantly pushing himself. From his career as a web developer, to his passions, he constantly strives for perfection. Here's what he's been learning lately.

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November 13, 2015 - 7,564 comments

Skykit Animated Explainer


Agosto approached us as they were launching a new brand and product: Skykit, a back of house display built upon Google apps. They wanted to create a persona specific video that targeted people working in HR with many locations; they knew exactly who they wanted to reach and asked us to create a video that spoke directly to them.


So we got to work. Agosto sought to tell the story of how Skykit brings the world of internal HR communication in the the 21st century: from cork boards to the cloud. After collaborating with their team to refine and develop a script using their newly developed brand guidelines, we created a storyboard, handled talent, and worked with our animator to bring the vision together.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.37.24 AM

The client absolutely loved the final product. This is what they had to say:

"These guys don't only make videos, they increase sales and provide insight into the overall marketing campaign. Very impressed… 17.5% of our leads last quarter came from the video Moving Edge Media created." - Ben Schmitt, Marketing

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.37.53 AM

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November 9, 2015 - 331 comments

InteProIQ | Teaser


We worked with InteProIQ to develop a series of animated videos that highlight the importance of data security. This was the initial promotional video released.

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15-Second Story | Molly Kate Kestner

Singer, Musician, Friend. Molly constantly strives to grow and develop as her music career takes flight. Her joy and excitement about life is infectious. We had the chance to hear what she's been dwelling on lately.

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October 17, 2015 - 21 comments

EyeSafe Screen Covers from DigiHealth


DigiHealth creates protective screens for electronic devices that block out harmful light that causes eyestrain. We were approached by Digihealth as they were in the development phase of their screens. They wanted us to produce a video that would communicate their groundbreaking application of this amazing technology.


Brainstorming with the client, we decided that using a combination of live action and both 2d and 3d animation would be the strongest approach to producing a short video highlighting the vast benefits of the product.

After securing locations and nailing down our story boards, we produced this piece in a one day shoot using a variety of talent.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.03.47 AM

Following brand guidelines, we created custom designs for our 2D animation to effectively communicate the dangers of screen use and how the product protects against it.


But we didn’t stop there. To accurately and elegantly showcase the product, we created a stunning 3D animation of the product being applied to a phone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.05.32 AM

The client loved the video. It was instrumental in getting them a significant amount of press including television time all resulting in an increase of sales.

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October 5, 2015 - 7,669 comments

Wayzata Endodontics


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Wayzata Endodontics is a private practice that sought us out to create a video that clearly communicated not only what exactly endodontics is but who they are specifically as a company.

We worked closely with the owner of Wayzata Endodontics to accurately gleam what exactly it was they wanted to communicate about their company. After an extensive interview with the owner, we spent a half day gathering b-roll on a gorgeous fall morning.

In post production, we thoughtfully combed through the interviews to boil it down to the heart of who Wayzata Endodontics was. From there we did some ramping with some of the slow motion footage to engage the audience even more.

After some coloring and finalization of the music, we ended up with a compelling who we are video for Wayzata Endodontics.

August 30, 2015 - 557 comments

15-Second Story | Josiah Knowlen

Financial advisor, philosopher, friend. Josiah constantly pushes himself, seeking to grow and help others.

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August 29, 2015 - 37 comments

Eric Finan Story


We sat down with Eric Finan, a professional runner and got his thoughts on running, life, and what's shaped him.

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Det är några av frågorna du hittar svaren på i denna artikel. Här www.minaapoteket.com på sajten hittar du information om allt som är bra för oss och det bästa med detta pinsamma besvär.

One of the key things we value as a company is to constantly be pushing ourselves in our craft. So we were bouncing around some passion project ideas and we landed on the idea to collaborate with a poet. After reaching out to a local poet, Anthony Tei Mutua, we asked him if he could write a poem specifically for us. And he did.

After nailing down the poem, we ideated to find the specific emotions that we wanted to drive this piece. We used these keywords to then help us select a shot list that would guide us on our one and a half days of production that took us all over Minneapolis and Taylors Falls.

In post, we edited and pulled in our VO artist and coloring to push this piece to its absolute best. We also were very intentional with the sound effects we brought in to tie very specific emotions to the location of the shot.

The result, is this enthralling short video that takes you on a sonic and visual journey of a poem.

Production Company: Moving Edge Media
Producer: Ryan Gates
Director: Jonathan Vinson
Director of Photography: Ryan Gates
Editor: Jonathan Vinson
Sound Mixing: John-Paul Natysin
Music: Fear Not by Ryan Talbert

August 20, 2015 - 1,295 comments

Lou-Rich : Who-We-Are


We were brought in by Lou-Rich to produce a video that tells the story of who they are as a company. Lou-Rich is an Albert Lea, MN based manufacturing company. They create products for the healthcare and agricultural sectors. They are working to release a new website and they wanted a video that depicted their history and showed who they were as a company.

Early on in the pre-production stage we saw a great many wonderful aspects of the company. It’s 100% employee owned. It’s been around for decades as a leader in manufacturing. And they never settle with the status quo.


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After receiving the outline and hearing the desires for the video. We pushed for a more creative approach. We developed our own version of the script and pitched the client on it. We suggested we move the video from a traditional corporate overview, to an energizing commercial-like who we are video. They loved it.

After approval on the script and concept, we developed a shot-list of every shot we’d like in the piece. From there, we went down to Albert Lea to film. We spent 8-hours on site capturing each shot, working with the team and employees to capture it all. We opted to film in a slower frame rate for much of the project to make it feel more epic.


After production, we recorded the voiceover and sourced custom music for the video. Taking all of the assets, we moved into editing and color-correction of the footage. We opted for a darker final look that had desaturated colors in the lowlights.


The client loved the final video. Here’s what they said.

“All 100% of the employee-owners at Lou-Rich couldn't be happier with how this turned out. This project not only captured all of our capabilities in a short video (not easy) but also is a helpful reminder for our employees to take pride in working for Lou-Rich!”

August 20, 2015 - 11 comments

15-Second Story | Jonathan Gates

Leader, Pastor, Friend. Jonathan cares deeply for others, accepting people for who they are. Yet, he has wrestled with accepting who he is. We had the honor to hear about what he's been wrestling through.

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August 11, 2015 - 14 comments

15-Second Story | Perry Smith

Photographer, giver, friend. Perry constantly seeks to pursue his dreams of photography and give back along the way through his non-profit One Month to Give. We were able to hear a bit of his favorite advice.

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August 4, 2015 - 210 comments

The 3 Non-Negotiable Aspects of a Story

Storytelling is the primary way in which we relate. To people. To brands. To products. But with stories being so integrated into our culture, why is it so easy to create a “story” that falls short, one that doesn’t connect with others?

I find that today there’s so many people today talking about story. Whether it’s a personal story, a brand story, or a corporate story. I think one of the key reasons that stories fall short is that they’re missing one of these three key aspects to a story. Here are three things necessary for an emotionally engaging story:

1. There needs to be a subject.
There needs to be a central character for emotional connection. This isn’t the montage video showing the company hard at work in all aspects with multiple interviews. This is one individual, sharing her heart for the company, her vision and hope, and ultimately how this company is changing the world.

2. There needs to be tension.
Too often we attempt to sugarcoat the challenges. When in reality we always root for the underdog. The one that needs to overcome. A story requires a challenge. Even if that challenge is something as common inefficiency.

3. There needs to be resolution.
It’s vital to establish a solution and resolution to the story. How did the persons desires and goals get achieved? How was the challenge overcome? Resolution doesn’t have to be a perfectly wrapped ending. It can still have unknowns and excitement, but it needs to bring about progress.

If you work to incorporate all of these elements in the next story you tell, you’ll find a significant increase in engagement and retention.

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August 4, 2015 - 40 comments

15-Second Story | Jonathan Vinson

We're excited to announce that Jonathan Vinson is joining our team as a creative editor. Here's a bit about what's been on his mind lately.

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December 8, 2013 - 11 comments

Psychology of Personal Connection

“It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.” – Albert Einstein

It has been integrated into our human nature to tell stories. From the first cave drawing, to the Jewish oral tradition, to novels, to films, and to commercials, storytelling is a timeless link to ancient traditions. It is our most basic form of communication – our most natural form of connecting.

Through story we share our sadness and our joy. Our dreams and our failures. Our insecurities and our pride. It is a way to convey purpose and value. Like Einstein, we all crave community. Not many of us fall into the category of being known universally, but we all long for meaningful companionship.

Studies have shown that being connected is linked with longevity and overall health. And a lack of connection is a greater health risk than obesity, smoking, or high cholesterol! Studies have shown that those who feel connected are more empathetic, confidant, and as a result, people are more willing to be open and trusting with them.

The psychology of story is so interesting to us because it is hardwired into humanity. It is how we interpret meaning, how we relate to others, and how we empathize. Story is how we connect.

Why do you think the greatest leaders of history relied on storytelling? Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream.” Jesus’ “prodigal son.” Or even Charlie Chaplan’s “The Great Dictator.”

“When we tell and listen to stories, we move… to the more emotional centers of the heart and gut. It’s how we engage with our close friends and family, using a conversational, less formal tone. It’s a bit more close to being vulnerable, but also more human.”

To tell story is to connect. To tell story is to be human. What is your story?

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December 5, 2013 - 15 comments

The Right Price for Your Story

As soon as Thanksgiving passes, everyone is focused on the upcoming holidays. However, some corporations are looking a little further ahead.

Slots for the upcoming Super Bowl on February 2nd just filled up at a reasonable $4 million per :30. Yes, that figure represents 30 seconds. If you’re a latecomer but you still desperately want to get your commercial in there, then you’ll pay a meager $4.5 million per :30. There are still plenty of open slots for pre- and post-game advertising.

It’s up $.2 million from last year.

Neil Mulcahy, evp of Fox Sports ad sales (has one of the most envied jobs in television with an income of approximately $8 million a day) said to expect a few longer-form ads this year with a couple 90- and 120-second commercials.  We all remember the incredible Dodge Ram “Farmer” spot from last year. In case you’ve forgotten: please enjoy.

Neil said, “I think the autos totally have it figured out. They can measure the immediate impact they can get from their sales figures…and the return on investment is three times what they pay [for airtime].”

If you had to pay $133,000+ per second for an ad, you’re forced to consider the necessity of every moment to convey your story.

Considering the season, we don’t want to leave you without some holiday advertising.

Looks like a good use of a TV slot, right?

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November 23, 2013 - 14 comments

LifeScale Analytics Client Profile – Be The Match

Be The Match has a mission to save thousands of lives. They are leaders in bone marrow transplant matching where data is critical. We were brought in by LifeScale Analytics to create a documentary video detailing Be The Match, one of the companies that LSA works with.

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October 14, 2013 - 11 comments

Ad spotlight: LEGO

It’s already Christmas… well, not quite, but Christmas advertising is starting! Can you smell the spiked eggnog already?

LEGO set the bar high for advertising this holiday season. They branded themselves beyond building blocks: the opportunity to bond with your child. Through fantastical lands where knights can fly if it’s more convenient, there’s a slow motion replay for every cool move, or engineering tottering towers built to the atop kitchen chairs… it is all done together.

We love to see great pieces like this and hope to see more throughout the Christmas season.

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October 5, 2013 - 18 comments

8 Ways to Prepare for your Testimonial Interview

Preparing for a testimonial interview can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips that will help equip you to rock the interview!

  1. Testimonials are stories. And stories have power. Don’t think of it like an interview. Think of it like a conversation. You get to share with someone how you or your business was impacted.
  2. Plan spontaneity. Don’t memorize answers to possible questions. If you do, you will probably not sound authentic. Allow for genuine responses – the audience will recognize your passion.
  3. Speak plainly. Don’t incorporate the last 10 dictionary.com words of the day. Don’t feel pressure to reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is share what you already know. So talk like a normal person.
  4. No need to be nervous. “Understand that your interview will be edited.  The editor can choose to only use the good stuff. So don’t worry if you stutter.” If you can’t shake anxiety, watch an episode of Seinfeld or whatever it is that gets you relaxed. Drink a latte, talk to a friend, or listen to your favorite band. Loosen up and be yourself.
  5. Don’t wear bright colors! A vibrant shirt will draw attention to your shirt, not your face. Wear mid-tones like blue, brown, or even as dark as black. Whatever you do, don’t wear a pattern (striped, checkered, even argyle) or you could end up like this guy, and that’s just embarrassing. Cameras sometimes have difficulty processing intricate patterns, so they end up looking morphed on video.
  6. Clean your work area. Most filmmakers will want to get footage of you in your natural work environment (whether that’s doing a presentation, a sales pitch, or research). Make sure those areas are presentable.
  7. Bring a water bottle. Your mouth will dry out quickly!
  8. “Speak in complete sentences, and don’t rush.  Collect your thoughts and talk [at] a normal pace.  Most likely if you think you are talking slowly, it’s probably just right.”

Keep these pointers in mind when you’re preparing for your testimonial.

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August 30, 2013 - 8 comments

Video editing: the Williamson project

We had an amazing time in Haiti recently filming a piece for World Wide Village (WWV). We’d love to give you a glimpse at what goes into making something like this.

With a short documentary-style piece like this, you’re relying on interviews, b-roll material, and secondhand accounts. That means there’s no script. No script forces flexibility.

We had the honor of meeting with Pastor Joassaint, a Haitian pastor who has greatly impacted his community in Williamson with the help of WWV (who built him a house, partnered with him in the school, and from there how he's influenced the town).

From Minneapolis, developing the plot outline was relatively easy and straightforward. What Pastor Joassaint has done is powerful, and we were eager to show the house that WWV built for him and how he has partnered with them to create such an impact.

However, in Haiti, things weren’t as cookie-cutter as the plot outline (which is always the case). So, we had to adapt. We couldn’t get enough b-roll of him interacting with the community and portraying visually how he personally has influenced his community in Williamson.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 5.14.41 PM

We got some good footage, but were unsure if our original plot outline would be effective with the material we were able to collect.

Video editing is a huge part of the process in production. In non-scripted pieces, the story is usually molded in editing.

We compiled a folder of all the clips. After meshing the video and audio, roughly editing the English translator out of the clips, we re-watched the footage to get a better grasp on what material we had. We made a Word document and wrote down a summary of what was said in each clip.

We went through and read each summary to understand the content we had access to, strategizing how to structure the story. We organized each story element into sections and created a new story arc with the material we had.

It turned out much different than our original plan, but that’s the case with many projects, and it can always be reworked into something good, even if it’s not exactly how we had previously planned it.

The end result, after long hours in our editing suite, was a piece on the community, and Pastor Joassaint being a part in the growth and development with the aid of WWV.

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August 28, 2013 - 607 comments

Video Marketing Part 1

Can you market your brand, company, or product in 30 seconds? How about 15? Or 6? Is video length a big deal?

With Vine hitting 40 million users late August, it’s difficult to make a case against the relevance of ultra succinct videos. But why are they so popular? Does video length play a role in potency?

The numbers suggest that it does. The video-viewing experience is drastically different than the traditional longer-form. The time cap on Instagram video and Vine forces its users to be ingenuitive.

Orson Welles said, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.”

Bored teenagers aren’t the only ones using these apps. Many businesses recognized the evolution and adapted quickly.

Target came up with a creative marketing idea using stop motion.


Some businesses engage their audience in a conversation.


Instagram video gives a little more leeway with a 15-second time cap. Forever 21 launched a new social platform where people can have an interactive fashion experience, and are invited to share photos/videos of their outfits. This video helped introduce the campaign.


Many users are on the go, watching a couple videos while in line at Starbucks for their morning latte. They want short. Many phones with slower connections have difficulty loading a 30-second clip. A Vine or Instagram video is much easier for slow Internet and short attention spans.

These social media platforms are simply tools to support a broader marketing campaign. Marketing should always evolve with new media and their target audience.


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August 27, 2013 - 80 comments

Alebra : Explainer Video

We've just finished up our latest explainer video. Check it out! This video highlights the primary services that Alebra offers. The final video is for use on their homepage, and in online marketing efforts. This video was launched with their new website. Take a watch!

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February 18, 2013 - 14 comments

Explore MN Tourism : By Motorcycle

This summer we partnered with Peterson Probst to create new videos for a new landing page and overview of Minnesota by motorcycle. This was a fun project that revealed parts of our home state to the members of our team. We created a total of six videos, the one above is our personal favorite. Take a watch.

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August 27, 2012 - 460 comments

Mr. NCU: Schmitt Dating Video

A friend approached us asking to create a video for a competition he got nominated for, and here's the playful result.

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August 27, 2012 - 12 comments

Hoops & Christ Promotional

Hoops & Christ contacted us, asking if we could create a quick video to promote the launch of the ministry.

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August 25, 2012 - 50 comments

Watkins Family Chiropractic

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Watkins Family Chiropractic brought us in to create an introductory video for use on their website. A series of three interviews with their patients were conducted to complete this video.

August 5, 2012 - 77 comments

The Salvation Army: The Most Amazing Race

We volunteered to film The Salvation Army's event The Most Amazing Race in the summer of 2011. This is the result of the event.

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October 24, 2011 - 7 comments

LifeScale Analytics Introductory Video

LifeScale Analytics helps companies manage vast amounts of data. We were brought in to help tell their complex story in a simplistic animated video. This was an incredibly fun challenge that we're quite pleased with the result.

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November 11, 2015 - 6 comments

Matthew Carrara Story

Matthew Carrara inspires those around him, whether it’s at his work at Boston Scientific or the non-profit Enliven International which he founded. In this passion piece, we wanted capture what drives him.

We sat down with Matthew at length interviewing him about his passions, his family, his work life, and the nonprofit he founded. We also followed him around at Boston Scientific and at a meeting with his nonprofit to film him in his element.

After numerous cuts and recuts of the interview, we finally landed on an edit we loved. From there we strategically placed our b-roll, selected music, and colored the film for the feel we sought to achieve.

The result was this passion piece that takes a look into the mind and heart of an incredible man, Matthew Carrara.